Digital switchover no mundo

Disponibilizo no blog um excelente artigo feito este ano por María Trinidad García Leiva, da Universidade Carlos III, de Madri, e por Michael Starks, da Oxford University. O estudo tem como título “Digital switchover across the globe: the emergence of complex regional patterns”.

Os autores dizem:

“Comparative study of switchover policy and its implementation has tended to stress the differences between countries (Brown and Picard, 2005; Cave and Nakamura, 2006; Frezza and Sorice, 2004; Galperin, 2003; 2004), as indeed has our own previous work (García Leiva, 2008; García Leiva et al., 2006; Starks, 2007). Differences can be explained by variations of emphasis in motivation, by national market characteristics and the extent of multi-channel development, by political and cultural factors, and by timing. Several of the pioneering countries faced crises at some point, characterized by a stalled market, bankrupt broadcasters or postponed switch-off timetables. Switchover has proved neither commercially nor politically simple.”

Baixe aqui artigo.


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