DVB World 2010 Lisboa – Calling all Papers

Email recebido do grupo DVB:

“After a series of successful DVB World conferences in cities such as Dublin, Budapest and Berlin, DVB World 2010 now takes us to the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Over the years, DVB World has become the biggest annual gathering dedicated to DVB standards, services and technology. Attracting more than 200 delegates from around the world, it represents both DVB member and non-member companies and organisations. It offers an unequalled opportunity to hear about the latest developments, with an emphasis on useful information and informed analysis rather than commercial pitches.

DVB World 2010 will open once again with a series of Keynote and Flagship Presentations that will set the tone for the following days. These sessions will include topics such as the second-generation DVB standards, 3D-TV, hybrid broadcast broadband, international DVB deployments, next-generation mobile TV and many other DVB related topics.

You are invited to submit proposals for presentations on the following three main areas:

  • Technology for future DVB systems
  • Experiences with current DVB Systems
  • Hybrid systems and scenarios involving Broadband.

Potential topics to be explored are:

  • Experiences in introducing digital video services
  • Mobile TV: quo vadis?
  • Latest trends in IPTV including delivery over the open internet
  • Commercial aspects of DVB technology
  • The latest specifications and innovations from the DVB Project

Please submit a one-page summary of your proposed presentation by:

November 6th, 2009 to:

Mr. Feyo Kolff
Marketing & Communications Manager
DVB Project Office
Geneva, Switzerland

The full conference programme and information about how to register and book accommodation will be available soon on the event website: www.dvbworld.org.”


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