TV digital 3D em debate

Em Novembro de 2009, foi formado o CM-3DTV  Group, dentro do DVB Group, para debater regras e oportunidades da TV digital 3D. No próximo dia 25 o CM-3DTV realizará o 1º workshop para discutir o assunto. O evento acontecerá em Genebra, conforme as informações abaixo, divulgadas pelos organizadores:

“DVB 3D TV Kick-Off Workshop

3D-TV is one of the ‘hottest’ subjects today in broadcasting. The combination of the audience’s ‘wow’ factor and the potential to launch completely new services, makes it an attractive subject for both consumer and professional. There have already been broadcasts of a conventional display-compatible system, and the first HDTV channel compatible broadcasts are scheduled to start in Europe in Spring 2010.

Over the past year DVB has been closely studying the various aspects of (potential) 3D-TV solutions. A Technical Module Study Mission report was recently finalized, leading to the formal creation of the TM-3DTV group. As the DVB process is business and market driven, a 3D-TV Commercial Module has now also been created to go back to the first step: what kind of 3D-TV solution does the market want and need, and how can DVB play an active part in the creation of that solution?

To start answering some of these questions, the CM-3DTV group will host a DVB 3D-TV Kick-off Workshop in Geneva on January 25th, 2010, followed by the first CM-3DTV meeting the next day.

January 25th 11:00 – 3D Kick-Off Workshop

January 26th 09:30 – First CM-3DTV Meeting”

Mais informações sobre o Workshop aqui.


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