DVB World 2011 – Call for Presentations

Comunicado divulgado pelo DVB Group:

“DVB World 2011 will take place on March 7-9, 2011 in Nice, France. Besides marking your calendar, we would like to invite you to consider submitting a paper and presentation to the conference, to add to the by-invitation keynote and flagship presentations. The selection procedure for proposals has to be fair but quite strict. You would want nothing less!

If you have an idea for a paper that fits in one of the categories below we would very much look forward to receiving your 500 word summary (one A4 page) and the title. Papers should be sent to Feyo Kolff at the DVB Project Office (kolff@dvb.org) at the latest by October 28th, 2010.

The conference sessions at DVB World 2011 will include the following areas and topics:

– Changes in the media & entertainment technology landscape
– Influence by the IP world (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.)
– Chip developments
– Changes in media consumption behavior
– Have smart phones changed the mobile TV business case?
– Mobile TV experiences
– 3DTV
– Experiences with current DVB Systems
– DVB deployment around the world
– Technology for future DVB systems

Presentations in other subject areas are also welcome, as long as they have a strong connection to DVB and/or digital broadcasting.

Whilst presentations can address business, technical, legal or regulatory questions they, like the conference itself, should be non-commercial in nature and should not be advertisements for the products or services of a particular company. DVB World has a reputation for offering unbiased, informative content.

In the mean time, please visit www.dvbworld.org where you can find information about the logistics, exhibition spaces and the programs of all previous DVB World events. We aim to publish the DVB World 2011 program in November.

Best regards,

Feyo Kolff

Marketing & Communications Manager
DVB Project
c/o European Broadcasting Union
Ancienne Route 17a
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland
T  +41 22 717 2724
F  +41 22 717 2727″

Mais informações em no site DVBWorld.org


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