Mobile TV

Disponibilizo, para download, um interessante artigo de Shani Orgad, da London School of Economics and Political Science, intitulado “Mobile TV: Old and New in the Construction of an Emergent Technology”.

O resumo do artigo diz o seguinte:

“This article explores how mobile television is being constructed and understood, focusingon four concepts used in contemporary public debate to discuss the technology, namely ‘TV inyour pocket’, ‘TV anytime, anywhere’, ‘TV on the go’, and ‘Enhanced TV’. Drawing on an analysisof industry reports, conference proceedings, websites, academic studies, press coverage, results oftrials, advertisements and expert interviews, we examine the ways in which experts involved in theproduction, marketing, delivery and analysis of mobile TV regard this emergent technology. It isargued that mobile TV is constructed by these experts as a novel technological and cultural experienceand form, while at the same time the rhetoric of novelty is paralleled with a continuousemphasis on the new medium’s relation to familiar technological worlds. The article concludes byoffering an explanation for this new/old articulation of mobile TV.”

Baixe aqui (em PDF).


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