Segundo dividendo digital: faixa do 700MHz

A notícia é do site “Wireless”.

“The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radio Conference 2012 concluded with a decision to allocate additional UHF spectrum to mobile services in ITU Region 1 (consisting of Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East).

The new mobile allocation is to be made from 694–790MHz, and is proposed to come into force in 2015. The delay to 2015 is in order to enable the necessary technical studies to be concluded regarding the availability and assignment of the new band, before bringing the band into use.

This ‘second digital dividend’ in ITU Region 1 is adjacent to the first digital dividend at 800MHz (from 790-862MHz), which was put into place at the previous WRC, in 2007 (WRC-07).

Janette Stewart, analyst with Analysys Mason, said there are three principal factors which have led to the decision to allocate a second digital dividend in ITU Region 1.

The first reason is that it enables countries in Africa and the Middle East (where parts of the 800MHz band are used for other systems and services) to proceed with awarding digital dividend spectrum in the 700MHz band.

The second is that the 700MHz band provides additional bandwidth that can be used to accommodate mobile broadband services in Europe, in response to various estimates that the current spectrum availability for mobile broadband use may be insufficient to meet demand in future.

Finally, the 700MHz allocation in Europe raises the prospect of harmonisation with other ITU world regions, where use of the 700MHz band (although a slightly different bandwidth, from 698-806MHz) was agreed at WRC-07″

Leia a notícia completa aqui.


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